Are Hot Water Heater Boosters Worth It?

Water heater booster installation

How Long Does it Take for a Hot Water Booster to Work?

Let’s get started on a conversation about what hot water heater boosters do and whether or not they are worth it. To begin with, let’s discuss how long it takes for water heater boosters to take effect after installation. Once your water heater booster is properly installed, it should take about one hour for it to take effect and produce increased hot water. Moreover, it’s essential to keep the booster unit on, and not to manually switch it off. Leaving the booster switch on does not hurt the system whatsoever and is actually recommended. 

What Does a Booster Heater Do?

A water heater booster, which is also known as a tank booster, is an electronic device that attaches to your existing electric or gas hot water heater. Believe it or not, these hot water boosters are similar to tankless water heaters in that they heat the water quickly, or “on demand.” Hot water booster heaters are a supplement to an existing unit and do not require the water heater itself to be replaced. It’s essentially an augmentation. Depending on the model, water heater boosters can extend your hot water capacity up to seventy-one percent. Moreover, these devices can speed up hot water recovery time. That’s why booster water heaters are a consideration for large families and for commercial facilities. Lots of use means lots of demand!

Do Water Heater Boosters Work?

Are you wondering whether or not water heater boosters work? Because the answer is absolutely! One of the very best advantages of having a water heater booster is that they use less hot water. This is because tank boosters can increase usable hot water by up to fifty percent, which in turn prevents the home from running out of hot water. With increased access to hot showers and steaming hot baths, family members are bound to reap all the benefits of a water heater booster installation.

How Do I Increase My Hot Water Capacity?

While it is true that water heater boosters have the ability to help you maximize your hot water capacity, there are other options available. To begin with, a proper water heater inspection will help reveal any maintenance issues or repairs that need to be addressed. Secondly, you may consider a water heater replacement if your existing water heater is no longer under warranty or if it is over a decade old. A brand-new water heater will have an increased ability to dispense hot water across multiple applications, including dishes, laundry, and hygiene stations. The best course of action, in any case, will be to receive a personalized water heater consultation from your local water heater repairman.

Why Does My Water Heater Run Out of Hot Water So Quickly?

If your water heater runs out of water very quickly, the problem may lie in several different directions. For instance, the problem could be sediment build-up, a faulty heating element or a broken dip tube. If you are considering tackling the problem yourself, you are urged to consult with a water heater repair company first. This is because, though well-intentioned, you could cause irreparable damage to your water heater unit unless you are both careful and experienced.

Can You Shower Without a Water Heater?

While it is true that you can shower without a water heater, you should certainly get used to achingly cold showers and/or baths. Water heaters heat up your water for you, and increase the sanitary nature of hygiene. A stream of hot water will be more effective at cleaning than a stream of cold water. Add soap to the mix, and you’ve got a pleasant bath or shower in the future.

Water Heater Booster Valve

One of the important accessories to a water heater booster is the valve. If your water heater booster valve is faulty for some reason, the best course of action is to call your local water heater repair company. Once they arrive at the appointment, be sure to mention the age of your unit, what kind of problems you may be having, and whether you think the problem lies with the valve itself.

Water Heater Booster vs Mixing Valve

Online forums have been speculating on the difference between water heater boosters versus mixing valve installations. Mixing valves have been mentioned due to the fact that they have a potentially lower cost of installation. However, the best course of action would be to consult with a water heater repairman first. That’s because you don’t want to invest in a water heater solution that doesn’t work, especially with the family’s water needs in mind. 

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