Water Heater Replacement and Installation

new water heater installation

We’re Here For Your Water Heater Installation

Right now is the best time to schedule a water heater inspection if you haven’t had your water heater serviced in the past several years. Our talented team at LAFAYETTE WATER HEATER CO. is ready to help when it comes to your water heater installation in Lafayette, LA. With many years of cumulative experience, our crew of water heater experts can manifest positive results with a variety of different water heater installations. Ranging from propane and natural gas to electric and tankless versus tank. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a water heater consultation before next season, please give us a call at 337-321-7264.

When is it Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

Water heaters provide property owners and homeowners alike with a bevy of advantages. From steaming hot water in your shower to having clean laundry and dishes, the benefits of having a high-efficiency water heater are astronomical. If you have recently purchased an older home and you’re worried that your hot water needs aren’t being met, it’s time to call LAFAYETTE WATER HEATER CO. and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced water heater professionals. He or she will come to your property at a time of your choosing and review your current water heater. This process includes investigating whether there are any water leaks in your unit and reviewing the inner and outer parameters. If indeed a water heater replacement would benefit your household, we’ll be certain to give you all the necessary information that you need to make a decisive choice.

A Tank Water Heater Installation to Improve Your Lifestyle

If you are currently experiencing problems with a water heater unit that does not dispense the right amount of hot water or any hot water at all, it is urgent for you to get in touch with a member of our water heater team. Whether your unit is tankless or tank, electric or propane, we can help you get to the bottom of the issue so that you can resume a less stressful lifestyle. 

When you are ready for a water heater installation in Lafayette, LA, you are ready for LAFAYETTE WATER HEATER CO.. You can get in touch with us at 337-321-7264 today.